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Highest Quality Medical Services

At Leominster Osteopathic Clinic you will receive a professional and friendly service specifically tailored to your needs. Our reputation is such that patients come to us not only from Leominster but from all over England and Wales and even some from abroad.

About Leominster Osteopathic Clinic

We are the leading osteopathic clinic committed to relieving your pain and symptoms. We are here to help you and your family -  from babies to the elderly - with ALL your osteopathic needs.

Why People Come to Us

  • Leading osteopaths with over 25 years clinical experience
  • Advanced treatments for back pain, neck pain and sciatica
  • Help for muscle pain and joint problems including arthritis
  • IDD Therapy treatment for persistent back pain
  • MRI scans can be arranged at competitive prices.
  • Help for all the family's needs

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Pain From Disc Problems? Impove Your Disc Health! The Accu-Spina device is able to deliver a computer...

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"I can not speak too highly of IDD therapy. Three months of excruciating pain caused by severe degeneration of several discs in my lower spine made any kind of movement a challenge. I am now pain free and some way towards reclaiming my life back."

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Animal Osteopathy

Animal Osteopathy

Osteopathy works just as well on animals as it does on humans.

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