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Glyn Whiting from Leominster thought he may never cycle again when the back pain he’d suffered with for 22 years finally took its toll.

“I first hurt my back in 1989 doing too many sit-ups at the gym. I suffered on and off with lower back pain and grinding sciatic pain in my leg. Sometimes my leg would actually go numb when I stood for too long.”

Glyn’s condition became progressively worse and soon the intermittent pain became constant -eventually he couldn’t run or cycle and he found the manual aspects of his job as a picture framer very difficult.

“I was in so much pain I could hardly walk, let alone cycle. Six months after giving up my sports and not seeing any improvement, I realised I needed professional help A friend suggested Leominster steopaths - they were using a back and neck treatment called IDD Therapy”

after 22 years of back pain i'm cycling againIntervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy is a non-invasive treatment involving the gentle drawing apart of specific spinal segments where discs are damaged or herniated (bulging). This relieves pain by taking pressure off targeted discs and any trapped nerves and helps to relieve muscle spasm. After a review of Glyn’s recent MRI scan.

osteopath Mark Roughley identified a large disc bulge pressing on some nerves in his spine. Mark recommended a programme of IDD Therapy. “I felt so relieved when I was told I could be treated with IDD Therapy. I knew that the damage to my disc was quite severe and would need several treatments; with every session the pain eased and I became more mobile.”

“Patients with herniated or ‘slipped’ discs and sciatica have seen a distinct improvement with IDD Therapy”

“At the end of the IDD programme, my pain was significantly reduced and I was able to enjoy my work and sports again. I can now cycle over 100kms a week with no adverse reaction. “I still have to take care of my back and avoid lifting heavy objects but this is nothing compared to the debilitation I suffered before my treatment.” For the past four years Leominster Osteopaths has been helping long-term back and neck pain patients back to health with IDD Therapy. More than 18,000 IDD treatments have been carried out in the UK with clinicians reporting significant improvement in 70-80% of patients. Clinic Director Mark Roughley is delighted with his patient outcomes: “Patients with herniated or ‘slipped’ discs and sciatica have seen a distinct improvement with IDD Therapy. I would advise anyone suffering with an unresolved back or neck problem to come in to the clinic for a FREE 15 minute chat to find out more about the treatment and whether it can help them.”

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